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The iba system - Autonomous, modular, scalable

The iba-system for process data acquisition and analysis consists of perfectly adjusted hardware and software components for acquiring, recording, analyzing and processing measurement data. Due to the modular design and the simple configuration, the iba system can be adapted comfortably to the various tasks and is scalable in size at any time.






The basis of all process data analysis is the time synchronous acquisition of relevant data at characteristic places within an automated plant.

Depending on the objective, the data are analyzed individually - either directly during acquisition (online) or on the basis of the recorded values following an event.

Like a flight recorder, the iba system records and stores various measurement data available for the long term.

By deriving Key Performance Indicators (KPI), the user gains valuable information about the acquired process. This way, clean measurement data become a tangible competitive advantage.

Featured products

Power Quality System - Power Quality System

Power Quality System - Power Quality System
The Power Quality Unit ibaPQU-S can be used for high-accuracy monitoring of the power quality in energy grids. For this purpose, characteristics of electric power quality are calculated according to the standard and are acquired and recorded by ibaPDA.

ibaMbox System

Mobile Measuring System
Measurement suitcase for modular system - The flexible measuring system for mobile use, free configurable with 1 central unit and up to 4 I/O modules from the iba modular system.

VPN router EBW100-WLAN

VPN router with integrated LAN interface for a secure remote maintenance via an existing Internet connection or DSL modem (PPPoE) The EBW100-LAN is an industrial-suited VPN router that can be mounted on a top-hat rail. Together with an existing Internet connection via network or a DSL modem, it can be used to realize secure remote connections to your machines. Supporting OpenPVN, an encrypted and secure remote connection is established via the insecure Internet. Furthermore, a firewall prevents unauthorized accesses to the connected networks. By using our free VPN portal Deltalogic24 you can very easily setup your remote maintenance via mobile radio.

ibaDAQ system

Modular Measuring System
Measurement modular system - The flexible measuring system for flexible use, free configurable with 1 central unit and up to 4 I/O modules from the iba modular system.
Listening to the Profinet -Friday, October 6, 2017
Sniffer functionality for PROFINET busmonitor available For monitoring the cyclic data traffic on a PROFINET network, ibaBM-PN can be linked to the PROFINET network at any point without interference in the PROFINET network using its TAP interface .