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It is our mission to bring transparency to the world of automation with our measurement system solutions.

By means of an iba system, the user can understand and master the growing technological
complexity of automated processes and mechatronic systems.As with a flight recorder, all essential system and process data from various signal sources, field buses and automation systems are recorded continuously and synchronously.For analyzing these data, we have developed powerful analyzing tools which comfortably support interactive work as well as automatic information generation.




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100V/240V AC Redundancy PS 500W

100V/240V AC/DC Redundancy Slot Power Supply for PC

Redundancy PS 500W, 90-264 VAC; 90-121 VDC; 198-242 VDC -

12-PIN RM 3,81 Terminal Block PHOENIX

12pin Terminal

signal terminal GREEN - Signal terminal

16-PIN RM 5,08 Spring Terminal Block PHOENIX

Terminal Block

signal terminal GREEN - Padu terminal blocks

16-PIN RM 5,08 Spring Terminal Block WAGO

16pin Terminal

signal terminal BLACK - Signal terminal

16-PIN RM 5,08 Terminal Block PHOENIX

Terminal block

signal terminal GREEN - Padu terminal block

18x2-PIN RM 3,5 Spring Terminal Block WAGO

18x2 PIN Terminal

Module PADU-C-8AI BLACK - Signal terminal WAGO 713-1118/107-000