Beröringfri hatighets och längdmätning

When producing strip material, e.g. in steel or paper mills, knowing exactly the strip length and the current velocity is essential for lowering your costs and optimizing your products and processes. Here, Polytec offers solutions for precise process control. LSV Laser Surface Velocimeters are high-performance non-contact sensors for a reliable measurement of length and speed.
Thanks to the optical measurement the sensor captures length and speed  reliably in challenging industrial environments. LSV offer a high level of robustness and process integrity at minimal maintenance cost.


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  • Depth of measurement field: 200mm

LSV-86 Sensor optics / working distance 2000mm

LSV-2100-200 Sensor Head, 2000mm

LSV-86 Sensor optics / working distance 2500mm

LSV-2100-250 Sensor Head, 2500mm

LSV-86 Sensor optics / working distance 3000mm

LSV-2100-300 Sensor Head, 3000mm