LSV-92 Cooling Plate

Manufacturer: Polytec
SKU: LSV-A-122

Dimensions cooling plate [W x L x H]: 120 x 320 x 24 mm³
Length with water connectors: 383 mm
Coolant: Water, water-glycol, oil, paraffin, kerosine
Coolant particle size: max. 25 μm
Line pressure of the coolant: max. 6 bar
Flow rate of the coolant: 4...8 l/min
Temperature of the coolant: +10°C...+30°C (50°F...86°F) (depended on the ambient temperature)
Area of application with ambient temperature: +45°C...+74°C (113°F...165°F)
Tube connection: G1/ 4’’
Tube diameter: 9 mm (internal)
Max. purging heat quantity at 74°C: approx. 300 W
Pressure decrease at flow: 50 mbar