Graphical programming using ibaLogic

Basic Course ibaLogic - Content:
  • Main focus:
  • Target group:
    programmer, commissioning engineers, maintenance staff and staff of production departments, who want to learn the graphical programming with ibaLogic as soft PLC
  • Manufacturer: iba-ag
    SKU: 61.000300
    After the seminar you can:
  • perform the graphical programming of ibaLogic
  • configure inputs, outputs and system settings
  • create reusable function blocks and macros
  • create easy programs in structured text
  • recording data in iba-DAT-Format
  • send and receive TCP/IP telegrams with ibaLogic
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    -Course Info:
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Locations: iba G, Training Center in Fuerth (Bavaria)
  • Requirements are good knowledge of MS-Windows and basic knowledge of control technology is an advantage
  • Each participant will get a training certificate
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